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Sichere Passwörter

How to choose a secure password

Because nowadays you usualy use a large number of online services with specific login data, ist is not easy to choose passwords that have the follwing characteristics:
  1. easy to remember
  2. high security level
Those to critaria are usually do not correspond to each other. The passwort I can remember well maybe not really secure because it can be guessed fairly easily. On the other side, the passwort which cannot be guessed so easily is hard to remember.
Passwords should NOT consist of meaningful elements as names, words or similar. Choose a password that is at least 8 (better: 12) characters long. A good password will have a mix of lower- and upper-case characters, numbers, and punctuation marks.
Not so easy to find a password that follows those rules and is easy to remember, right?
Wrong! A good way to choose a good and secure password is to find phrase you can remember well, like a lyric from your favorite song or a poem. Then you write down the phrase and choose the frist, second or third letter. Afterwards you can replace certain elements by special characters.

For example. Take the first line of the song "Yesterday" from the Beatles. If you take the first line "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away" to gernarte a passwort of the first characters including special charactes (Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away!), a password could look like this:

Y,amtssfa!  or even better:  Y,amT2xsfa!

The following videos shows another example ;-)
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