Using "Virtual Meetingroom" plug-in

To create a virtual meeting room in BBB as an ILIAS object, click on „Add New Item“ and click „Virtual meeting room“.
Designate a title for your virtual meeting room and add a description. Currently, the option „BigBlueButton“  is the only available meeting-type. In the future, more options will be added here. Click the „Online“ checkbox to make your virtual meeting room visible for all participants. To finalize the addition of the ILIAS-item, click „Add virtual meeting room“.
Now your ILIAS item will appear in your course. Now you configure further features of your webconference. Decide if your conference should be moderated. In a moderated room, the moderators have extended rights, whereas other participants have limited access to the features of the virtual room. It is highly recommended to use moderated rooms only. You should also decide if private chats between participants are allowed. In addition to this, specify which participants can activate their cameras and decide if you want to allow session recordings. To save your settings, click „Save“.
Start your conference by clicking the „Meeting“ tab or by clicking the item in your ILIAS course. Click „Join Meeting“ and follow the instructions.
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