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Creating a BBB room

Creating a room

Navigate to the the navigator site and choose your scenario. Log in with your university account and click “Create a Room” to create a permanent room on your dashboard. Adjust the settings according to your requirements and invite participants to your session with the permanent URL.
Using additional Account Settings via your Dashboard

Login to share rooms with others and to permanently compile a list of your rooms on your BigBlueButton Dashboard. In this way, you can create permanent rooms for recurring group sessions, which can always be found by all participants.
Room Settings

You can use “Room Settings” for an improved supervision of the conference, even in large groups. For example, new participants can be automatically muted when they join the conference room. In this way, the speaker will not be interrupted by background noises from new participants. Via the option "Require Moderator approval before joining" you can grant individual participants or smaller groups access to your webconference.
Anlegen eines Raums am Beispiel der Philipps-Universität Marburg, bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie an der JLU den Benutzernamen in der Form sXXXX oder jXXXX (für Studierende) und gXXXX (für Mitarbeitende) angeben.
To avoid third-party disruptions during your web conferences, please note:
  • Please avoid conferences that are fully public and instead use verified groups.
  • Use the ILIAS-Item "Virtual Meeting Room" to avoid anonymous participants.
  • Please don't share the link to your BBB conference publicly. Instead, share it only with participants who registered for your course or who logged into ILIAS in advance. Through Marvin or ILIAS you can provide the necessary information via E-Mail.
  • It is recommended to always assign a password to your BBB conference rooms.
  • Please use the “Require moderator approval before joining”-function to ensure that every participant is approved by the moderator.
  • Please activate screen sharing only for moderators. Select the option that participants join your meetings with their microphones muted.
  • For larger events: Only allow moderators to activate their microphones.
  • You can also remove participants from ongoing video conferences. It is helpful to assign multiple moderators who can remove participants during an ongoing event.
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