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Introduction (2/2)

In both e-teaching and e-learning, some basic rights and obligations must be considered. After short theoretical introductions, the concrete, practical relationship to e-learning will be shown for your own course offerings. In addition to copyright, this web-based training also deals with so-called Open Educational Resources (OER). Also the legal freedoms of use, i.e. the limitations of copyright, will be covered. In addition, the acquisition of utilization rights will be discussed. Furthermore, this chapter also provides practical help, e.g. with designing license agreements.
To ensure that you feel legally secure in every situation during the planning, conception and concrete use of e-learning, the aspects "data protection and personal rights" will also be described. Finally, the crediting of e-learning to the teaching obligation is also dealt with. This learning module also deals with questions relating to the assessment of students' performance in e-learning.
The aim of this web-based training is to provide (teaching) junior scientists, with practical advice on the planning and implementation of e-learning methods. This learning module is aimed primarily at those (teaching) junior researchers who are active in the field of e-learning and would like to be on the "legal safe side" of the law at all times - without being lawyers themselves.
Further terms can be found in the glossary at the beginning of each chapter.

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